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Miami's NEWEST Flower Wall Rental Company is here!

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Wall to Wall Rentals is here to change the game! I don't say that lightly. The company may be new, but this isn't my first rodeo in the event planning world. Over the past 9 years, ever since my first pregnancy, events have been something exciting for me. Whether if it was planning my own baby shower, or creating my best friend's baby shower invitations... I found myself slowly getting deeper, and deeper, into the whole event planning world. Though I didn't build my first flower wall up until last year... I ended up starting a custom invitation business. Now, if you know me, you know I don't do small. I didn't just do "regular" invites... I made laser cut invitations, even acrylic invitations, or invites with over 40 crystals on each. Attention to detail is kind of my thing, and I enjoy it.

Let's fast forward a bit, because I don't have all day to write this... and I'm sure you don't have all day to read it. It's 2019, and I now have two kids, and have thrown many Birthday Parties. I closed my invitation business after I had my daughter, and ended up helping start/run my father's aluminum manufacturing business for a few years. You may be thinking... what does that have to do with flower walls? A LOT actually! Though my main position was CFO, I LOVED getting my hands dirty. I helped out any chance I could in the warehouse, and even started learning to design using AutoCad. Another skill learned! I gained knowledge in CNC Cutting, Laser cutting, and so much of aluminum manufacturing.

Now what does this have to do with flower wall rentals? Simple, you know how I mentioned "we're here to change the game"? Well, I recognize that flower wall rentals are the "must have" at today's events... we can thank Mrs. West for that. However, I'm not here to just be another Miami flower wall rental company. My vision is so much greater than that. I've brought all my past knowledge, and skills into this company. The first thing I did to stand apart from the rest, was design an exclusive Wall to Wall Rentals "wall frame". Our walls are unique in this sense, by creating a custom frame, I eliminated the issue of adjusting the flower walls on site. No more photos where you see divisions within the flowers. When you rent a flower wall from us, your'e renting a sturdy wall, not one built on a curtain and pvc frame. All of the walls divide into 2 sections of 4ft by 8ft, which allows for quick installs.

Though we just launched in March, we already have 4 walls and are currently building our 5th. By the end of the year, I plan on having five more. I think I've talked enough about myself...


The "Flawless" Hedge

Yes, it's just a Hedge Wall... but isn't it FLAWLESS?!

This is our most customizable wall, and was also my very first wall. I seriously recommend you view our Hedge Wall's page to see just how amazing this wall can convert to any theme you can dream of.


Our Elegant Black and White Velvet Rose Flower Wall, aka Victoria. She was the 2nd wall I built. It took me a whole week to make this one... Can you imagine placing 2,300 roses, one by one? She was definitely worth it.


I can't rave enough about Pandora wall. This was my first step away from Flowers. She's ALL MOSS, and she's LIT! Literally... It has lights. This one took me 120+ hours to build, and I'll admit that at around hour 110, I might have felt a bit resentment towards it. But when I was all finished...



Charlotte is our head-to-toe Peony Flower Wall. It had me at PEONY. Seriously! This wall is gorgeous in every way, and from any angle. I can picture it at weddings, tea parties, engagement celebrations, anniversaries... ALL OF IT!

With ALL that said... I hope you enjoyed my first attempt at a blog post, and that you've been acquainted with our beautiful ladies. Now give us a call and let us show you how we can make your event memorable.

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

Yanet, out.

"Aspire to inspire, before you expire."


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